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7 Strategies to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates and Engage Subscribers

As the term suggests, the email unsubscribe rate is a measure of unsubscription by your subscribers from your mailing list. It's a slightly disheartening but normal occurrence to have people opt out of receiving emails from you.

4 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Creators

As a creator, what do you need in an email marketing platform? We know a free plan is a given, because who doesn't like free stuff? It can offer a testing ground for you to enable you to make an informed decision on the platform of your choice without spending precious coins, and it can level the playing field for beginners and small creators.

4 Strategies To Segment Your Email List

As an email marketer, you've probably come across the term email list segmentation a handful of times. It is a modern, data-driven feature in Email Service Providers that helps you catch up to the trend of targeted marketing strategies.
a cycle showing email authentication

What Is Email Authentication? [An In-Depth Guide]

Modern communication encompasses a sizable number of tools that are employed every day to allow individuals to reach each other. All in all, email stands as one of the most fundamental and widely adopted means of connecting individuals and organizations globally. Email authentication is a vital aspect of communication as we know it today that ensures the legitimacy and security of email messages. It was developed to combat email-based threats like phishing and spoofing, which have been prevalent in the digital world.

Why Drip Marketing Is The Best Marketing Strategy Tool

Drip Marketing is a powerful strategy which involves sending a series of targeted, timely messages to prospects and customers over a specific period of time with the purpose of educating, and nurturing leads and ultimately converting leads into customers. I
Social media marketing vs email marketing

Social Media Marketing Vs Email Marketing

Social media marketing and email marketing may have their differences but both work together towards a common goal – to get more leads and make them paying customers who stay loyal in the end. 

5 Ways to Create Super-Effective Emails with Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are effective in many ways, as they provide valuable insights to help you reach your target audience faster and more effectively. 
How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign refers to a series of emails that are sent out to several recipients over a period with a common goal. The aim of creating an email marketing campaign is to get the email recipients to take action.