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MailDrip; email marketing conversion rates

5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Increasing email marketing conversion rates is not a walk in the park but is as important as any marketing strategy you may have created.
MailDrip - effective lead magnets

5 Things to Consider When Creating Effective Lead Magnets

Creating effective lead magnets is beyond you gathering contact information but also ensuring that the data is put to best use.
Lead magnet

What is a Lead Magnet: Definition, Importance, and Strategies

Over the years, lead magnets have helped massively in the marketing sector, as they help pull in leads. Lead magnets are great for business owners. However, to make the most of it, you need a working email marketing strategy.
Email Marketing Campaign

6 Principles of a High-performing Email Marketing Campaign

While we can talk all day about creating a marketing strategy, think about what makes an email marketing campaign suitable.