Getting started

Are you new to MailDrip and wondering where you need to start from? We’ve got you covered. This page contains a quick and easy guide to help you through the basics.

Set up your account

Create a MailDrip account with your email address and password or simply sign up with your Google account. To confirm your email address, we will email you a six-digit verification code that you must copy and paste to the verification page. Once the verification process is complete, you will have access to your MailDrip dashboard.

It is important to note that when you create a MailDrip account, you agree to comply with our terms of use. You can read about our privacy policy and terms of Use.

Build your audience

To start sending drip campaigns, you need an audience. You can add contacts manually either by adding each recipient yourself or import your contacts. If you are migrating from a different email marketing provider, keep all your contacts in a .xlsx file and import it on MailDrip. You can also edit your “Join Page” and send a customized page to anyone who would like to newly subscribe to your list.

If you don’t have contacts to add to your list yet, you can still create a campaign and get familiar with the MailDrip app. However, you will not be able to launch any campaign without adding at least one recipient.

Creating a campaign

Creating a campaign on MailDrip has been made simple for anyone, whether you’re a developer or just the average creator with zero coding skills.

All you have to do is name your campaign, set your interval, and choose a template to design your emails. We have created a step-by-step process on how to go about this.

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Automation Tools

MailDrip automation tools are designed to help you create customized automated journeys for your customers and make their experience smooth. This helps you track all the events related to your customers outside MailDrip. For example, when a customer purchases a product from your website or mobile application, or an external online shop, their emails can get automatically added to a campaign list. This helps you boost your customer retention rate in the long run.

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App Integration

You can unlock more features on MailDrip by connecting it with other tools and services. Connect MailDrip with other apps, as listed in our directory, and unlock new features to make the most of your marketing journey with your audience.

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For Developers

If you’re a developer, MailDrip gives you access to tools to integrate your data with whatever you’re building and customize your experience. You can also build email templates from scratch using the HTML builder.

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