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Email Marketing ROI

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Email Marketing ROI

Looking to improve your email marketing ROI? This guide provides proven tactics and tips to help you boost your email marketing effectiveness

How to Effectively Use Storytelling in Email Marketing

Good storytelling in email marketing helps you stand out from the crowd. It is also a powerful way to connect and engage with your audience.
Social media marketing vs email marketing

Social Media Marketing Vs Email Marketing: How They Complement

Social media marketing and email marketing may have their differences but both work together towards a common goal – to get more leads and make them paying customers who stay loyal in the end. 

How to Create Super-Effective Emails with Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are effective in many ways, as they provide valuable insights to help you reach your target audience faster and more effectively. 
How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign refers to a series of emails that are sent out to several recipients over a period with a common goal. The aim of creating an email marketing campaign is to get the email recipients to take action.
email subject line

Top 7 Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Getting your email subject lines right is important and this article already highlights the 7 best practices to guide you.


A collection of guides and how-to videos