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Category: Design

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Interview with Kenneth Chinedu – Product Manager at MailDrip

I think the first challenge is figuring out what your customers need at every moment. At every stage in the customer cycle, a type of message and engagement is needed.
Email Marketing Campaign

6 Principles of a High-performing Email Marketing Campaign

While we can talk all day about creating a marketing strategy, think about what makes an email marketing campaign suitable.
MailDrip - Responsive Email Design

A Quick Guide to Responsive Email Design

Beyond the aesthetics that many tend to focus on, consider a responsive email design to contribute to an effective marketing strategy.
design trends

Email Marketing Design Trends to Follow in 2022

The importance of email marketing design cannot be overemphasized, as it plays a huge role in how the email is presented to your audience. One of the key things that should be studied is the design trends over the years.
email marketing design

Email Marketing Design: Its Importance and All You Need to Know

There is more to email marketing. Email marketing design goes a long way to ensure a more efficient result in your marketing plan.