Connect with your
audience with timely

Send drip emails that reach the heart of your audience with Maildrip’s easy-to-use platform, guaranteed to improve sales.

What MailDrip can do?

Attain your B2B campaign goals.

Set and accomplish campaign goals by engaging with your audience while adding value and persuading them to take action.

Subscriber segment campaigns.

Create segments to target your audience and deliver relevant email marketing to them based on their geo-location, interests, e.t.c

Save time while crushing goals.

Create automated messages delivered right into your customers’ inbox without added effort. Send emails daily, weekly, or monthly.

Monitor your actions.

With MailDrip you can monitor your deliveries, open and click rates, etc.

Generate recurring revenue.

Create drip campaign emails to constantly sell digital products and subscriptions over time even without lifting a finger.

Persuade customers with demos.

Create bite-sized demo experiences with a very drip campaign that will promote your products or services and have a lasting effect.

Built for Scalable Results

Designed for collaboration

MailDrip is designed to drive growth and help you reach your goal without compromising on performance, regardless of how high the demands of your brand are. 


Build a strong relationship with your subscribers. Send newsletters directly to their inbox.

Lead magnet

Cut down and automate the repetitive task of sending resource-download emails to subscribers.


Build and nurture the customer relationship with effective communication. Send lead nurture emails, campaign emails, sales emails, etc.

Content notification

Create automated emails to notify your audience of new content. Send new course alerts, resources, and onboard new students.

Email courses

Deliver a series of lessons straight into your subscribers’ inbox and further promote your products or services.

Celebratory emails

Share major milestones with your audience. Make your subscribers feel special by sending them automated birthday, anniversary, and seasonal emails.

Company updates

Keep your employees up-to-date with happenings within the company and the industry. Create meeting alerts, holiday notifications, and job openings.

Onboarding emails

Give your new employees are grand welcome and mini-tour of your work culture with ease.

Product announcement

Share the good news about your new product. Send product release emails, feature benefit emails, and emails on how to use the product.

Focus on Building Emails

Automation has never been easier. With MailDrip, you have everything you need to start sending out concrete emails to improve your marketing strategy.