Engage Your Audience & Grow! Top Email Platforms for Creators in 2024 


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Oluebube Anukam


As a creator, what do you need in an email marketing platform? We know a free plan is a given, because who doesn’t like free stuff? It can offer a testing ground for you to enable you to make an informed decision on the platform of your choice without spending precious coins, and it can level the playing field for beginners and small creators.

But there should be more to a tool that is responsible for hosting the biggest marketing channel currently, especially one that will be sufficient to meet the needs of any creator.
This article will walk you through some of the best email marketing software for creators and highlight why they work for you.

4 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Creators

1. Maildrip:

Screenshot of the Maildrip homepage

You know those emails you get about product recommendations, sometimes after you’ve bought a product? Or those reminding you of something you didn’t purchase after saving it to the cart? Or even a product purchase confirmation? Those emails are launched following a strategy known as drip marketing. Drip marketing is essentially automating the sending of pre-drafted emails or the launching of email campaigns, and the sending and/or launching is triggered by a subscriber/customer’s actions.

Implementing this strategy is one of the recommended best practices for email marketing and you can utilize this strategy with Maildrip to send welcome emails to your new subscribers, implement a continuous drip campaign that contains your newsletters, onboard new users, and more. As a creator with products and services on an e-commerce platform, you can send subscription renewal reminders to your subscribers, receipts for product purchases, and thank you emails to your subscribers, and all these can be targeted, personalized, and automated to reduce the stress of your workload.

Additionally, you can send both drip emails and normal emails to a specific category of your subscribers. Categorizing your subscribers is known as list segmentation. This is what allows you to send those targeted emails. You can segment based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
The data you obtain about your customers and subscribers is what enables you to send emails that improve customer loyalty to your brand and drive conversion. You can gather this data with Maildrip by launching surveys and forms on the platform for your subscribers. These forms and surveys can be chosen and customized from a free template available for all Maildrip subscribers, or you can create them right on the platform to fit your brand.

With Maildrip, you don’t need to pay for a website or have an already-built website to display these forms. For example, you can create a landing page for a sign-up form in Maildrip and launch it. You can also embed the Maildrip API into your already-built website. This is a convenient option for creators because you can cut out the need to update your mailing list manually since the sign-up form is already connected to Maildrip, as well as gather data on what activities and interactions the visitors to your website are engaging in and use that to send targeted emails to those who are already your subscribers.

You can access all these, along with intuitive analytics, on Maildrip for free. When your business grows and you would like your chosen email marketing platform to scale along with it, you can go for the advanced options in Maildrip, which are available in the paid plans.

2. MailerLite:

A screenshot of the MailerLite homepage

MailerLite is one of the best email marketing platforms around. It is an affordable platform that focuses on email newsletters. In their review of this software, Forbes named it the “best for selling paid subscriptions”. It provides users with three different editor options to allow sufficient optimization of their emails.

You can drag-and-drop interactive blocks (e.g., texts, paragraphs, images, headers, videos, etc.) into your email body using their drag-and-drop editor. If you want to style and input your content in the way you feel best represents your brand, then you can write HTML code in their HTML editor and style it with the added CSS inline feature.

MailerLite also gives creators the option for A/B testing. You can run a campaign that sends two different subject lines—CTA, email copy, etc.—to a control and experimental group of your subscribers to understand what works better for your particular goal. Then, with this data, you can make data-backed decisions on the next steps you need to implement. This ensures that you are always presenting your best, conversion-driving work.

The feature most likely to be beneficial to creators, especially beginners, is MailerLite’s website builder. With this, you can save costs by signing up for a simple, effective email marketing platform like MailerLite to receive both a platform and a website for free. Of course, you will eventually have to pay as your business needs (and finances) grow, but you will still be saving costs because you will still be paying the price for one product and receiving two instead.

3. ConvertKit:

ConvertKit’s primary audience is creators of all kinds. It has an easy-to-use, visual automation tool to reduce the complications of automation for its users. You can build a sales funnel with multiple entry points for your subscribers to ensure that you always have the option to guide them towards whatever action you would like them to complete, regardless of their position on the funnel. There are different automation templates available to help you build a relevant customer journey.
Along with the visual automation tool, you can avoid missing out on potential conversions and customers with the Creator Network.

This allows you to expand your reach and grow your mailing list with a recommendation system. You can search for creators with similar audiences as you and recommend them to your subscribers. Then, ConvertKit adds you to the directory so that other creators can easily find and recommend you as well, introducing you to a whole new audience.

4. Brevo:

Screenshot of Brevo homepage

If you are a creator that markets over multiple channels, Brevo provides the opportunity for you to do so all in one place. You can send campaigns to your subscribers’ inboxes via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook ads, live chat, etc., and cover grounds that your competitors may not think to reach. With all your leads in one place, you can get insight into how your marketing tactics are impacting your business overall, not just insights for one medium.


All the software listed here comes with a free plan offering various features. You can browse our article on the best free email marketing platforms (link) to quickly and easily view the listing and breakdown of the features for some of these platforms.

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