5 Ways to Create Super-Effective Emails with Buyer Personas


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Buyer personas are effective in many ways, as they provide valuable insights to help you reach your target audience faster and more effectively. 

You can perform market research and build an easy rapport with potential customers with a buyer persona. This is also a great way to build a targeted campaign for advertising. Other key benefits include effective usability testing and keyword research.

In an earlier article, we shared some Steps in Creating Buyer Personas for Email Marketing. But then, what happens after you’ve created the persona? This article will show you ways to create super-effective emails with it. 

5 Ways to Create Super-Effective Emails

1. Start with Your Email Marketing Strategy

Buyer Personas
Source: Deskera

Your email marketing strategy forms the foundation of any email you will be creating and you should factor this in with your buyer persona. From creating your campaign objective and goals to choosing an email marketing tool, review your audience. 

If your audience is young people between the ages of 13 and 24, you might want to consider having a strategy that targets that age range. This means creating chic designs and using infographics to pass your message better. 

Your buyer persona will also tell you how best to market to them, which would likely be via Instagram or TikTok. Creating a persona should come before creating a strategy and not the other way around. One influences the other. 

2. Segment Your Email List

Email segmentation is one of the most effective ways to make your buyer persona work. While you may have a broad target audience, you can further break them into smaller segments to create more targeted emails.  

Buyer Personas
Source: Mailmodo

So, for each buyer persona you create, you can pair them with their corresponding list. This is a great way to target a large number of people with diverse interests and demographics at the same time. 

If you sell a product that serves both the younger and older generation, you can split your list into two and create content for each. 

For example, the content of your email can be how best they can use your product. But you will also agree that how the younger ones will use the product might be different from how the older ones would. Your content will target each and explain in detail how best it will benefit them based on their current interests. 

3. Create Quality Email Copy

Nothing beats quality email copy. From the subject line to the body of the email itself, how you present your brand will go a long way. You can apply all the tactics to make your buyer persona work but if your content is crappy, your marketing won’t go far. 

This is still in line with email segmentation, as you want to ensure that your email copy tallies with the audience you are sharing it with. When you understand the persona of the audience you are targeting, it can influence the tone you use and the message you pass in your emails. 

Good content expands your reader’s understanding. Not only will you be creating something they will enjoy reading, but it will also influence the return on investment on your brand. 

Here are key things to note when creating your copy:

  • Use catchy subject lines.
  • Use impressive email designs.
  • Use compelling subheadings and line breaks. 
  • Create bulleted lists. 
  • Add relevant and helpful links. 
  • Format your content properly, to encourage more people to read rather than just scan through.
  • Apply storytelling marketing. 

Research has shown that 86% of consumers consider transparency when deciding which brands to purchase from. The same research also found that 55% are more inclined to consider purchasing from a business if they enjoy the brand’s story.

Creating quality email copy is the secret to making your marketing strategy more effective. 

4. Use a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets help your potential customers make a decision and become paying customers. While it might be fun to give away a product or service to bring more customers on board, there’s a tactic to make the most from it.  

This is where buyer personas can be helpful. Create a specific lead magnet that your target audience will appreciate better. For example, if your target audience is a company looking to expand its reach with email marketing, they might benefit more from an Email Marketing Strategy Template than a Worksheet that helps them identify their goals. 

50% of marketers who start using lead magnets report higher conversion rates but for a more effective result, you need to be more specific and let your buyer persona guide you. 

5. Create a Relevant Landing Page

Buyer Personas
Source: UpLabs

Email marketing does not start with the email itself; you have to consider the entire process around it, not neglecting the landing page. It’s not just about sending out a link for interested persons to add their email addresses. 

Start with the landing page. Create a page that will be most appealing to your target audience based on the buyer personas you have created. 

Key things to consider in a landing page include:

  • A hero message and a sub-hero message
  • A unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Your offer and how it benefits the user – a lead magnet that encourages them to take action.
  • Lead capture form – easy to fill with relevant details (Name, Email, etc).
  • Images or videos with relevant usage.
  • Feedback or customer reviews.
  • A reinforcement statement.
  • A closing argument.
  • A strong call to action.

Bottom Line

You can make your buyer personas work for you effectively in the long run. This article explains ways to go about this and ensure you are deliberate about your email marketing strategy.

At MailDrip, we understand how the process of email marketing can be quite daunting, especially for small business owners with little to no help. This is why we have created a marketing strategy template to guide you in this long haul.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll send it to your email. You can also contact us for further details or if you need guidance on how to make your email marketing work. 

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