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Email Marketing for SMEs

Top 7 Benefits of Email Marketing for SMEs

Email marketing for SMEs is more important today than ever due to its numerous benefits. It increases ROi, improves brand recognition, and more.

Interview with Kenneth Chinedu – Product Manager at MailDrip

I think the first challenge is figuring out what your customers need at every moment. At every stage in the customer cycle, a type of message and engagement is needed.
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How to Improve Customer Relationships with Email Marketing

To increase conversion from leads to customers and see results in your marketing efforts, you need to improve customer relationships
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5 Top Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you have finally decided to take the bold step and create your first email marketing campaign, this article will guide you on how to create asuccessful one.
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6 Things You Need to Prepare Your First Email Marketing Campaign

This article is prepared to take you on a smooth journey of creating your first email marketing campaign with little to no hassle.
buyer personas

How to Use Buyer Personas in Email Marketing Strategy

Buyer personas or audience personas refer to a fictional characterization of your ideal customer based on certain information about them and how they use your products or services
email marketing goals

How to Set and Achieve Smart Email Marketing Goals

Anyone could talk about setting email marketing goals all day but how many actually get it right? Your goals must be streamlined to the needs of your business.
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Email Marketing Strategy 101: Everything You Need to Know

If you are newly creating an email marketing strategy, knowing where to begin can be one tough decision to make