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Best Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses In 2023

The email marketing app marketplace is saturated with email service providers, and for good reason. Email marketing has a whopping ROI of $36 for every $1 spent—some studies even show $42 for every dollar spent—and to “email market”, you need an ESP. ESPs are email marketing services that allow an email marketer to connect with their audience.

6 Best Email Marketing Platforms of 2023

In 2023, the world has experienced alarming inflation rates, a rising cost of living, and less purchasing power from consumers, leading to emptier [business] coffers and the need to manage your business with fewer finances. Something that should be heavily utilized by businesses, especially African businesses, this year is email. Email marketing offers businesses a way to maximize their profits with very little money and effort invested. An email marketing platform provides the tools for businesses to do just that.

4 Best Free Email Marketing Tools of 2023

If you want to begin taking your email marketing seriously, you need to divest from Gmail and all other email software like it. A good email software for marketing allows you to craft and style your emails, manage your mailing list, launch email campaigns, and view the necessary metrics for your email campaign.