Top Email Platforms to Supercharge Your Business Growth


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Oluebube Anukam



If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been made aware of the benefits of using email to promote and grow your business, also known as email marketing. You know email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing, but you discover that you don’t exactly know what to do with it, and it’s challenging to develop and implement an email marketing strategy.

If you need a refresher, or you may have been coming across this for the first time, I’ll make it brief: Email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. For comparison, the more popular option, social media marketing, has an ROI of $2.80 for every dollar spent. To boost your business with emailing services, here are some of the most effective platforms available right now to consider.

1. MailDrip:

MailDrip is an email service provider that allows you to do basic instant emails with drip marketing as an added advantage. This is important to note if you want to boost your business because companies that excel at drip campaigns generate 80 percent more sales at 33 percent lower costs

MailDrip gives you the (super) ability to automate some of the most conversion-driving emails and email campaigns. For example, welcome emails Welcome emails had an approximately 56.8% click-to-conversion rate achieved by e-commerce players in 2022 (source: Statista), and they create a good email first impression for your business. Without automation, you would have to send welcome emails manually as your mailing list grows, which is tiring, prone to errors, and likely to be sent at a later time than when the subscriber initially subscribed. These reduce the quality of the user’s experience and subsequently decrease the likelihood of a conversion. With MailDrip, however, you can set a condition for a subscriber to be sent a welcome email, which can be triggered and sent when someone chooses to sign up to receive emails from your business.

Welcome emails aren’t the only things that can be automated when you use MailDrip. As long as it’s an email, you have the option to automate and/or set up a drip campaign with MailDrip. You can also choose to make your emails targeted and personalized for each subscriber and create forms and landing pages for your customers right in your MailDrip account.

Additionally, due to MailDrip especially being customized for small to mid-sized businesses and creators, you can access helpful tutorials and insightful blogs on email marketing, explanations of email marketing terminologies, marketing tips, the latest email marketing trends, etc.

You can sign up for MailDrip here.

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2. Constant Contact:

Rated best for customer support options by Forbes, Constant Contact acts as both a customer relationship management (CRM) suite and a contact management tool. You can utilize Constant Contact to boost your business because it offers three different marketing options for its users. The options are email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing. You can choose to focus only on one type of marketing for your business, or you can make use of all three at once with Constant Contact.

There are options to integrate your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts with your Constant Contact account to allow you to draft your social media posts, schedule post times for each, and even create social media ads all in one place. For email services, you can use the AI feature to craft engaging subject lines and compose email copy that boosts your sales. Pre-designed templates are also available for Constant Contact users, and their email editor is a drag-and-drop tool that makes your email marketing easier.

Learn more about Constant Contact on their website.

3. Zoho Campaigns:

Zoho Campaigns is a simple email platform with an easy-to-use interface. It provides its users with templates that can be easily customized to fit the desired content. You can change the image, font, text, background color etc to ones that better fit your vision and the style of your brand. You can make your emails personalized as well and segment your contact list to ensure that your customers only receive emails that are relevant to them.

You can find out more about Zoho Campaigns here.

4. GetResponse:

If you’re looking for an affordable platform that has features that can help boost your business, then GetResponse may be what you’re looking for. It has a standard plan that starts from $15 per month and offers you the chance to send unlimited monthly emails, build websites and landing pages in your GetResponse account, create forms like signup forms to collect customer contacts, email automation and more.

You’ll also have access to 24/7 customer support and their AI feature also helps you create newsletters and general email copy that nurtures your relationship with your subscribers and help move them along the sales funnel.

To learn more about GetResponse, click here to be directed to their website.

5. Brevo:

Brevo is sometimes viewed as an all-in-one marketing platform because it offers you the chance to promote your business and connect with your customers through email, SMS, live chat etc. You can customize your sales data to ensure that your sales funnel appropriately leads customers to your desired destination i.e a conversion and you can also build forms and surveys to capture your customers’ contact information as well as their interests and feelings towards your business.

You can go to Brevo’s website to find out more.


This list, though limited, is an accurate compilation of some of the most efficient email platforms to improve sales and drive conversions in your business. And for platforms such as MailDrip, you can begin the process of boosting your business for free.

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