23 Best Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Open Rates


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Oluebube Anukam


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» Why are email subject lines important?

» How To Write A Good Email Subject Line

» 23 Best Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Open Rates

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Email subject lines are the first piece of your email content that your subscribers will see after your sender name, most times even before the sender name. Because of this, they are one of the factors directly responsible for how high or low your email open rate is.

But why are email subject lines so important?

a. They inform the recipient of the general message of the email. Like blog article titles or newspaper headlines, email subject lines tell the receiver what the email will most likely be about. From there, the recipient makes a decision (informed by the subject line) on whether to open the email and get the full gist or move on to other, exciting things.

b. They have an impact on your sender’s reputation. Inbox service providers use email subject lines, among other things, to figure out what emails are spam. An email subject line with keywords that are regularly used by spammers will trigger the spam filters of the recipient’s ISP, and that email will be sent to spam. This will not only reduce the chances of your emails being seen and opened, but it will also negatively affect your sender’s reputation and, in turn, reduce your deliverability.

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How To Write A Good Email Subject Line

a. Make it concise:

A good email subject line should be brief. This allows the recipient to get an overview of the content of your email quickly and all in one line. The number of characters shown for each subject line depends on the device it is being viewed in. To ensure that your recipient gets the full effect of your captivating subject line on mobile, tablet, desktop, etc., it is recommended that you keep it at a maximum of 61 characters.

b. Avoid using spam trigger words:

Words and phrases that are in all caps are common triggers for spam filters. Even keywords such as “earn every week” are considered bad email subject lines and can ruin your sender’s reputation.

c. Make it relevant:

As a best practice, email subject lines should always convey the general message of the email. Including a subject line that doesn’t accurately represent what the email will discuss can annoy your subscribers and push them to unsubscribe or send your emails to spam. Therefore, no matter how quirky you want to make your subject line to attract attention, always ensure it stays true to the message of the email.

23 Best Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Open Rates

Let’s take a look at some examples of email subject lines that improve your open rates.

A. Personalized email subject lines:

Personalization isn’t a tactic that should only be used in the email copy. You can personalize your email subject lines by including the recipient’s name somewhere in the subject line. For example, Maildrip’s email editor allows its users to personalize any part of their email.

 An example template for this is:

“Happy Independence Day, [Name].”

Personalization affords you the possibility of boosting your email open rate by 7.4%. You can personalize your welcome email subject lines, your sales email subject lines, and other marketing email subject lines.

Other examples are:

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B. Funny Email Subject Lines:

Anything that registers as funny to people is bound to provide winning results, and funny email subject lines are no exception. We can’t all be comedians, so your subject line doesn’t have to be humor that cracks the ribs and leaves the eyes teary. You can utilize amusing phrases as well to compel your subscribers to quickly click on your emails.

Some examples are:

When trying to come up with funny email subject lines, always keep in mind the type of audience you’re broadcasting to and avoid including subject lines that are offensive or can alienate or discriminate against certain groups.

C. Promo email subject lines:

If you want to advertise a deal you’re offering to your customers via email campaigns and get conversions, using the email subject line to grab their attention is one of the best moves. Plus, it increases your open rates.

Examples are:

D. Reminder email subject lines:

Email subject lines that contain text meant to stimulate the recipient’s memory can not only increase your open rates but also force the recipient to take action since these types of emails are usually sent when the deadline is approaching.

Examples are:

E. Re-engagement email subject lines:

Re-engagement email subject lines are included in emails that are sent to subscribers or customers who last interacted with your emails, website, or app a while ago and those who have abandoned shopping carts. Including a personalized re-engagement email subject line especially signals to the customer that you are aware of and care about their absence.

Examples are:

F. Interesting Email Subject Lines:

Interesting subject lines can be anything that hooks the attention or piques the curiosity of the recipient and sends their fingers flying to click open the email. It can be about a subscriber’s pain point or even a topic that they have expressed interest in. A study by Invesp shows that there were 8% more email opens for emails with no subject lines than for those with one. This is because emails typically come with a subject line, so ones that don’t pique the curiosity of the recipients

Examples of interesting email subject lines are:

Image source: Author’s cam


You should always make sure that you are putting in an adequate amount of time into drafting your email subject lines. Don’t overthink it, but also don’t underthink it. It is a vital part of your email, and it ensures that the content you put out gets some viewing time from your subscribers.

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