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5 Different Types of Emails to Send to Your Email List


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There has been a buzz around email marketing in recent years but not everyone understands how to use it effectively for their business. While we may talk about curating the right email list all day, not enough is said about the different types of emails. It is one thing to curate a list and another to cater to the needs of the subscribers on the list. 

While creating your email marketing strategy, you need a concrete plan for sending out emails and the type of emails you can send. This would depend on the overall marketing goal and also how your list is segmented. To get the most from your email list, we have put together different marketing email types that you can use to cater to your audience. 

If you think your email campaigns can be better than what you have right now and want to see conversions in the long run, this article is for you. We will review each of the email types and you get to decide how to make them work for your marketing strategy. 

The Welcome Email

The welcome email is the email your subscriber gets within 24 hours of joining your list. Every email marketing strategy should employ this email type, as most customers expect to hear from you after signing up. Research has found that welcome email read rates are 42% higher than the average email and this can be traced to the excitement most people have once they sign up to a brand and are eager to hear from them. You can use this to your advantage by including the most important details in the welcome email to grab their attention. 

Welcome emails with offers have been shown to boost revenue by 30% per email, compared to welcome emails without offers. However, while you include your offers, remember to introduce what your brand is about and also personalize it as much as you can. This is an opportunity to form a bond with your audience and how you present your first email can either make or mar this relationship.

Your welcome email may include the following:

  • What your brand is about
  • Best offers – some of your most popular products or services
  • Welcome discount
  • How often they should expect emails from you
  • The kind of emails to expect

By including all these in the welcome email, your subscribers can get to know your brand better and this can eventually inform their purchasing decision. 

The Newsletter Email

The newsletter email type is quite common among business owners today, as it helps them constantly engage their subscribers and stay top of mind. While social media marketing could also work for this, email marketing has an edge, as it gives a personal effect to the recipient. With email newsletters, you can nurture existing customers and feed them with helpful content while encouraging ongoing communication. This content is very likely to convert them from leads to customers or help retain them if they are already customers and increase their purchasing power. 

However, for an effective result, you need to constantly measure metrics. Most email marketing software readily has this feature but you might need to check to ensure your preferred one can track the necessary metrics your brand needs. Email newsletters help you to boost brand awareness, create and repurpose diverse content, and also help you connect with your audience.

The Drip Email

A drip email is a form of marketing strategy where you roll out a series of automated emails to your audience, based on set timing and the actions they take in their sales funnel. This form of email helps increase engagement and saves time and effort since it’s automated. The image below shows an example of what a simple drip campaign looks like. 

types of email; drip email
Source: Automizy

With drip emails, you can easily follow up on your customers without any added effort. A platform like MailDrip makes this super easy for you, as it is easy to use – even for a beginner – and helps you send drip emails that reach the heart of your audience. An effective drip email campaign will help with lead nurturing and eventually increase revenue. 

The Transactional Email

Transactional emails are emails sent to an individual following an action made on your website or online store. For example, if someone signs up for a free webinar, they can get an immediate email that shows all the necessary details to join. Another example is when someone makes a purchase on your store and drops their contact details, they can get an email showing the transaction and other details. This email can prompt them to complete their order or return to the items in their cart. 

This kind of email has been shown to increase open rate and click-through rate (CTR). Recipients are likely to take action since most of these emails require them to complete an action. 

The Milestones Email

Milestones emails aren’t that popular but they can be effective in engaging your audience and making them feel special. This doesn’t have to require extra effort from you, as most email marketing service providers have this feature available. Milestone emails allow you to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of your audience. All you have to do is collect that information as part of customer data and set up an email to be delivered privately to them every time it’s their birthday or anniversary. 

Since these emails are personalized, they tend to increase open and click rates, as shown in the image below.

types of emails; milestone emails
Source: SendPulse

To make the most of milestone emails, ensure the design is great and you include an enticing offer like a birthday discount code. 

Bottom Line

There are other types of emails but these five are the most common that you can employ to see results. If you have ever struggled with making your email marketing strategy work, you might want to revisit the types of emails you send among other things. 

If you struggle with creating an email marketing strategy for your business, we can help you with that at MailDrip. We are working to ensure more businesses get the most from their email marketing strategies. Beyond using a tool like MailDrip, you can partner with us to help create an email marketing strategy for your business that would generate great results. By working with our team, you can relax and be certain that your email marketing worries are well taken care of. Fill out the form below to get started with us!

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