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5 Top Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


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If you have finally decided to take the bold step and create your first email marketing campaign, you should know that it doesn’t stop there. There’s a lot more work to be done to see results in the short and long run. You also need to constantly create campaigns that convert and we have put together some essential tips that can set you on the right path. 

1. Know Your Audience

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Knowing your audience can never be overemphasized because that’s who you are creating for. Before you kick start any campaign, the first thing you want to do is create buyer personas, as it helps you target the right people for your business. However, it’s one thing to have buyer personas and another to stick to them. Ensure that whatever you create aligns with these personas, so you don’t go off track and create something that won’t appeal to your primary audience.  

Key things to consider include their demographics, interest in your brand, when they prefer to receive your emails, and what they gain by subscribing to your email list. This might not be easy at first but with time and more data, you will know more about your audience and create more targeted content marketed to them. 

2. Create Optimized Lead Magnets

Before creating any campaign, you need an audience, and creating lead magnets is one of the best ways to get people to subscribe. When a visitor lands on your website, the first thing they see is the landing page and research has shown that 96% of them are not ready to buy at that point. The landing page should convince them to take action and this is where you need a lead magnet that would push them to action. There are more benefits of lead magnets beyond helping you build your email list and you should maximize that. 

After creating optimized lead magnets, you should also work on lead-nurturing emails. These are emails that encourage leads to become paying customers. So, as you create your email marketing campaigns, draw a plan to ensure you keep your leads engaged enough to eventually decide to buy. Remember that the end goal is to have a successful marketing campaign and make sales.

3. Segment Your Subscribers

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If you have a large audience, one of the best ways to ensure you cater to them all based on their interests and behavior is by segmenting. Email segmentation has been proven over time to be effective, as it not only increases open and click-through rates but also increases your ROI in the long run. Divide your audience into segments to determine the kind of content to send to each category.

For example, someone who has never bought from you but is subscribed to your list can get tailored content telling them more about the brand and persuading them to buy. On the other hand, someone who has purchased before already knows about the brand. In this case, you can send emails that further solidify their trust in you and also introduce them to other products that they are yet to patronize. 

You can also take this a step further and personalize your emails. Rather than sending a generic “Hello there” email, you can include the subscriber’s first name, as in “Hello [FirstName]”. This is a game changer, as the subscriber feels seen and would likely open the email faster than they would a random one. The perfect blend of email segmentation and personalization can take your email marketing campaigns a notch higher. 

4. Use a Focused and Clear Call-to-action

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For every email you send out, you want to ensure that your readers take action. What’s the primary goal of the email and what do you want to achieve by sending out this email? These are questions you should ask as you build the email. While it may be tempting to have multiple links in one email, it’s best to drive the content toward a clear call to action. 

This helps the reader understand what to do next after reading through the email content. Additionally, it makes it easier to track metrics, as you can easily measure the conversion rate of a single link on the email than multiple links. Don’t link to different landing pages, thereby confusing your reader on what you need them to do. They might eventually not click on any of the links and even if they do, it will be difficult to track the metrics. 

5. Encourage Responses

Build engagement as you build your email lists and campaigns. With strategic email marketing, you can build solid engagement with your audience and interact with them one-on-one. This takes marketing to a different level, as it builds trust in potential customers, encouraging them to move up the sales funnel. 

Several things contribute to getting responses from your audience. This includes using an enticing email subject that promises something. Let your subscribers look forward to the email content from just the subject line. Some email subject line statistics have shown that 47% of email recipients will open an email based on the subject line alone and open rates are increased by a massive 50% when subject lines are personalized.

Now that they’ve opened the email, your next goal will be to have their attention until they take action. Set the tone of your email based on what your audience would prefer and keep it entertaining until the end. You can also use the story method to get them hooked.

If your list is properly segmented, you can choose the kind of emails to send to each segment. This can encourage responses, as your audience would only get emails that are tailored for them. 

Bottom Line

Creating successful email marketing campaigns is not a walk in the park and you need to stay consistent to see results. You would also need a team to help you handle different aspects, from market research to building the strategy, and a copywriter for the landing pages and email content, etc. 

To make it easier, especially if you are a solopreneur, we have created a template to help you navigate the email marketing team. We also have a team at MailDrip that can help you through the process without you having to break the bank.

Fill out the form below to access the template and you can also create an account on for a seamless email marketing campaign process. 

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